Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vancouver, here I come!

This week, I received some news that had me jumping up and down in my seat. And then on my feet.

This week, I received an automatic email.

It advised me that I had been selected to volunteer for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games as an ONS Reporter.


Some of you might know that working the 2010 Games have been a dream of mine since, well, since Canada and Vancouver were announced as its host.

I have been waiting and waiting, checking and double-checking, and not one to leave such an important dream up to fate, I've been applying for straight-up paid jobs with VANOC, trying to get on the broadcast team from the host and domestic side, and all to no avail.

Because it was written in the stars, volunteering was how I would accomplish my 2010 destiny.

Can you tell I'm excited? Even my writing is poetic!

As I await more details on my schedule and other logistics, I will continue to stay up-to-date with the latest on everything 2010. Call it research for my position, which includes getting quotes from athletes, writing bios and briefs and event updates, and all around assisting the Olympic News Service team in getting the info out to the press centres for other journalists and broadcasters to use in their work.

With glowing hearts... Vancouver, here I come!


x-ine said...

Just saw this post as I was unaware you had moved to a new blog address...

YAY VANCOUVER! I will be there also, as a volunteer at the Pacific Coliseum. Figure skating and short-track speed skating! As a former figure skater, I am TOTALLY pumped.

Congrats to you, and perhaps we'll run into each other!

Naila J. said...

Nice! We should totally meet up!! :)