Thursday, August 01, 2013

On dancing for a cause

When I was in high school, I took dance lessons. I am horribly uncoordinated when it comes to mainstream dancing. School dances. Clubs. Weddings. SO not my thing. So when a friend raved about her social dance lessons, I thought... Why not? Worst case scenario, I learn some skills so that I'm not so terribly embarrassed (and embarrassing) in social situations requiring dancing. Plus, it's a good workout.

As it turns out, I don't do so poorly at ballroom dancing. Something about the music, whether Latin or Standard, makes me move from the inside. And apparently, that helps me move on the outside.

It's been eight years since I've danced, properly, in a studio, with dance shoes and all that jazz. Recently, I was asked if I wanted to participate in Kingston's second annual "Dancing with the Easter Seals Stars" competition, benefiting, you guessed it! The local Easter Seals Ontario chapter.

I'm always up for giving back to my community, and as y'all should know by now, I love trying new things. While dancing isn't going to be an entirely new thing for me, it's so old that it feels new. Plus, I never was a competitive dancer. I've never done a dance show or even a choreography. And part of the deal in accepting to be a "local celebrity" participant is to give a LIVE performance. In a big ballroom. With lights, cameras, and people. We're talking an audience of 100 to 250 prominent Kingstonians. And then having it taped for posterity. And probably posted online too.


But you know what? I'm in!

It's scary and thrilling at the same time. I'm nervous and excited. Plus, it's for a good cause. The Easter Seals, which I had never heard of until I came to Ontario, provides programs and services to children and youth with physical disabilities, with the goal of helping them reach greater independence, financially and otherwise, through increased accessibility and integration.

I've met with my dance teacher/partner and I am SO excited that we're on the same page as to how we want to approach the competition. Because yes, as much as this event is a fundraiser, it's still a competition. And I'm competitive. Y'all know I like to challenge myself, and this is an excellent way for me to push myself further.

But I will need your help and support. The only way this event will be a success is if people attend and vote. This year, for the first time, you will be able to vote online during the weeks leading up to the competition. Or you can attend the event on November 8, 2013 at the Kingston Banquet & Conference Centre and vote in-person. Both options will ask you to contribute to the cause by purchasing vote ballots. Pricing for the event, which includes a 4-course dinner, post-event dancing, and so much more, should be around $100 per person. Of course, y'all can also get together and purchase a 10-person table at a discount!

Details on all this, and more, are coming soon. Also, if you're interested in participating as a sponsor or know someone who might be, please let me know.

I promise to keep you up-to-date on my progress - or lack thereof - and I look forward to embarrassing myself in front of all of you!