Thursday, February 03, 2011

On portfolios

Not only did I finish re-working my CV/Resume this weekend, I also (finally) put my extended demo reel up on YouTube.

This is the demo I created just over a year ago as I was applying to certain journalism jobs. I had just discovered that my external hard drive, which I thought was safely in a friend's possession, had been stolen when her apartment was broken in to about a year before that. That hard drive not only contained my only high-quality copies of all the broadcast work I had done throughout school, it also had all the raw import footage I had captured. The plan, of course, was that some of this raw footage could be re-purposed for other works, like, for example, a demo reel.

Working under a time crunch, I found the next best thing. Our TV shows were consistently uploaded to YouTube by the department, so I entrepreneurially downloaded the pre-edited, pre-produced footage of each and every published show I had worked on and tried to make that work.

The end result, if I do say so myself, is pretty good! For my techies out there, the pre-packaged footage was shot on PD-170s (SD) and edited with Final Cut Pro. The demo reel itself was edited using Adobe Premiere. Any and all feedback is appreciated.



Average Joe Body Builder said...

would i honor such vets? i think they participated in the killing of innocents in afghanistan and pakistan, and to some extent in iraq. why the hell would you honor them? what canadian freedoms did iraq, afghanistan, pakistan threaten?

Naila J. said...

I think there's a big difference between honouring the memory of people who have died versus commemorating the act of war. Honouring veterans does not mean approving the wars they fought in or the techniques they used.

And remember, their are soldiers in all sides of war, and they kill innocents on either side too.

Average Joe Body Builder said...

i know the difference between honoring the memory, and commemorating an act of war. you stated specifically about honoring the memory, and i responded to that, and that is, and let me make it blatantly clear "no way should their memory be honored. no way". just to make you understand, that i understand your initial premise. i hope you understand my response. let me put it in a different way, the iraqis who are fight against the canadians, those memories should be honored, the pakistani villagers, they should be honored. the damn canadian? let me stop here before i tell you what i would do on their graves. and any self-respecting person from that part of the world would do the same. if they didn't they wouldn't be self-respecting no matter how much they would object to that description.

Naila J. said...

I'm sorry, but I don't accept unproductive negativity and violent comments on my blog.